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                                             This is a small sampling of paintings Michael has sold in the past few years.

Back lit Trout 24x30
Aspen Ride 24x30
Wildflower Impressions - 24x20
Twins & Flowers 120.jpg
Walking All Alone 24x18.jpg
Beautiful Bear 20x16
Skyline 10x30
Summer Fox 16x12
Quiet Aspens 48x60
Blue Moon.jpg
Man Looking Away 24x18
Photo Dec 10, 11 52 28 AM (1)
casual aquaintance 96
Mountain Bear 120
Lunar 09-0318
Counting Coup 18x36
Running in Time 2 30x40
Riders 18x24
American Essence 24x24 120.jpg
Conjuring the West 30x40
paradise to gothic 96
Elk Avenue Gold
Lunar 09-0318
Fall Leaves 2 36x18.jpg
Slate River Study - 10 x 8
sun pony 120.jpg
Crested Butte Study 12x16
Parrallel Lines 18x24
Snowboard 1-24x18.jpg
Sunny Day Fox 16x20.jpg
Upstream - 10x8
Winter Fox 3 16x12.jpg
Western 24x30.jpg
Lunar 07-0318 - 10x8
trout waters 96.jpg
Slate River Evening 120.jpg
Ski-Scape 36x24.jpg
Rocky Mountain Moon 120.jpg
Winter Morning.jpg
Shadow Fox 120.jpg
Fly Fishing Ideal 48x30
seven trout 40x30.jpg
Lunar 06-0318 - 10x8
Running Fox 16x20.jpg
Moondance 96.jpg
in river 120.jpg
Perfect Cast 36x30.jpg
Elk 30x40.jpg
Personality 96
Mirage of Three 120.jpg
RL gallery photos 002.JPG
Mustang Shadow 18x24.JPG
Lure 120.jpg
autumn story 20x16
Cowboy 16x12.jpg
Winter Fox 120.jpg
October Scene 16x20.JPG
Colorado Magpies  12x16.jpg
mountain icons 96.jpg
Fly Fishing Ideal 48x30.JPG
Mountain Run 36x40.JPG
RL gallery photos 011.JPG
Bright Bear 120.jpg
State Flower 12x16.JPG
June Snow 12x12.jpg
Mountain Fox 18x24.JPG
Individual Aspens 36x18.jpg
RL gallery photos 017.JPG
aspen fox 96.jpg
Crested Butte Scene 18x36.jpg
Paradise in Blue 24x30.jpg
gallery 023.JPG
Freedom 48x60.JPG
Fox Looking Up 16x20.jpg
Sunflower Trail 16x12.jpg
Fox and Eagle 24x24.jpg
Four Trout Blue 16x20.JPG
Elk Avenue Gold.jpg
Flower Bird 120.jpg
fishing colors 96.jpg
Confident Fox 120.jpg
Moon Bear 20x16
Fall Leaves 36x18.jpg
Crested Butte Study 12x16.jpg
Eight Cutthroats 20x30.JPG
Dancing Fox 16x20.JPG
Crested Butte Fox 24x24.jpg
Crested Butte Fox 16x20.jpg
casual aquaintance 96.jpg
Blue Fox 9x12.jpg
Black Diamond 36x24.jpg
aspen moon 96.jpg
7 Trout 96.jpg
_ 5 Fox and MP 120.jpg
Afternoon on Elk.jpg
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